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Trading of Electrical Products

Trading of Electrical Products

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, CE and ROHS Certified
  • Transformer, VCB, Servo Stabilizer and HT AVR
    • power & distribution systems:
      • capacity upto 12 MVA/33 KV
      • ESP trfrs upto 120 KV
      • converter/ furnace duty
      • special trfrs
    • Power Quality Management:
      • Servo Stabilizers
      • Modulated Wave Stabilizers
      • Isolation Trfrs
      • Lighting Trfrs
      • Power Boosters
      • Harmonic Mitigating/ K-rated Trfrs
    • Railway Electrification:
      • Auxiliary Trfrs 25 Kv
      • Air-break Switches 25 Kv
      • Metro Rail Booster Trfrs 25 Kv
      • Rail Coach Tfrs
    • Telecom Power Management:
      • Servo Stabilizers
      • Modulated Wave Stabilizers
      • Isolation Transformers
      • Power Boosters
  • Electrical Cables upto 33 KV

    We are dealing in high and low tension cables (EHV, HT & LT), control and instrumentation cables, house wires and stainless steel wires. We are dealing in speciality cables including braided cables, fire survival, Zero halogen cables etc.

    Product Range:

    • EHV Cable Range upto & including 132 KV
    • Low Voltage copper/aluminium Cables
    • Low Voltage PVC and XLPE cables
    • Thermocouple Compensation & Extension cable
    • FRLS/FR/HRFR/HOFR/Rubber/LDPE/LSOH Power Control and Instrumentation Cable
    • Flexible (Single & Multicore)
    • House Wires (FR/FRLS/HRPVC/LSOH)
    • Fire Survival
    • Welding Cables / Rubber Cables
    • Flat Cables
    • Aerial Bunch Cables
  • Earthing systems and Solutions

    Hartech Controls is one of the leading company's engaged in manufacturing and supplying of maintenance free Chemical Earthing System in India. Our Chemical Earthing Products not only conforms to international standards but also priced reasonably. They are also certified by some of the national and International certification body like CPRI, ROHS, CE. Hartech Controls has high manufacturing standards and the name is trusted forits superior product quality. Hartech Controls has a long list of satisfied customers in every segments of the industry with some of the most reputed projects of national level and successfully serving to various industries

  • Marathon Electric/ Alsthom (Electric Motors)

    Marathon Electric delivers efficient mechanical power solutions using AC electric motors up to 4.5MW. Marathon Electric India has manufacturing facilities, Marathon Electric India Pvt Ltd at Faridabad & Marathon Electric Motors (India) Ltd at Kolkata. Together, Marathon Electric in India is the Largest Manufacturer & Exporter of Motors. Our strategic product lines include motors and Fans. Our range of Fractional Horsepower motors serves applications such as Heating, Ventilating, Air-conditioning & Commercial Refrigeration (HVAC).

    • Standard (EFF2) Motors: 0.125HP to 425HP available in all types of mounting
    • Energy Efficient (EFF1) Motors: 0.125HP to 425HP available in all types of mountings.
    • Crane Duty Motors: 0.25HP to 40HP available in all types of mountings.
    • Brake Duty Motors: 0.125HP to 25HP available in all types of mountings.
    • Cooling Tower Motors: 0.5HP to 30HP available in B5 type of flange mounting.
  • Schneider Electric range of products
    • LT Switchgear: Contactor, Relays, MCCB, MCB, MPCB, ACB
    • HT Solution AREVA
    • Automation Solutions: PLC’s, SCADA System
    • Energy Audit
    • APC UPS System
    • Wiring Devices MCB, DB, Switches
    • Digilink Networking Solution
  • Secure Meters
    • Pioneer in Digital Metering in India
    • World’s largest metering company
    • Deals in Electrical Metering
    • World leader in SEB metering
    • Prepaid meters
    • Energy Audits
    • Energy Management System
    • Secure Carbon View solution
  • Selec Controls Pvt. Ltd.

    A complete range of Counters, Timers, Process Indicators etc.

  • Process Solutions
    • A complete renge of connectors, SMPS, Surge Arrestors, relay boards etc.
    • A complete range of Counters, Timers, Process Indicators etc.