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Electrical Panels

Electrical Panels

Manufacture of quality Electrical Power

An electrical panel (or breaker panel) is where all the breaker switches are located. And that’s just what they are; switches that can be flipped. There’s likely a “main” circuit breaker that controls the power to the entire house, but you’ll also see individual breakers, responsible for providing the electricity to various parts of your home. Each circuit breaker has a lever that can be turned “on” or “off.” Each breaker should have its own label so you can identify the area of the house affected.

Hartech Controls is manufacturing MCC, PCC and Distribution boxes using Rittal and fabricated enclosures. We are having expertise in Power factor controls panels, PCC Panels, MCC panels, VCB relay control panels, Distribution Boxes, PLC panels, VFD panels and relay controls panels. We are having unmatched quality of panels

Electrical panel components control every piece of equipment in every industry. It’s difficult to describe all possible combinations because every industry and most companies have defined component preferences. If you need to come up to speed on control panels fast, take your time. Find someone to help you, someone who knows what you’re trying to do. Start with the basics and build from there. Below are the basics.